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Being A Different Kind of Different

Direct competition is bad business. You can see it every day, and probably could name at least three businesses operating in your own industry that are guilty of its excesses. Positioned the same, targeting the same customers, providing the same product, priced at the same level: in a world of increasingly diverse tastes, needs and resources, there are few more reliable ways to ruin your business than to busy yourself in offertortiseing up more of the same.

Direct competition destroys value. Eliminating significant distinctions between you and the next guy only guarantees that you’ll compete on price, which always turns into a race to the bottom – and a dash to see who can go broke first. On a grander scale, that destruction of value takes a serious toll on quality, markets and people.

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Things That A Case Study Isn’t

storytellingOn the face of it, a corporate case study is about the simplest type of technical collateral there is. Structurally, a case study is the basic three-act dramatic formula that we are all familiar with: set out a problem, struggle with the challenge, race towards a solution. Case studies present this basic storytelling format in context of a successful customer engagement, telling the tale of an everyday company that solved an important business problem with this wonder product or service.  Continue reading

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B2B Newsletters – Not Dead, Just Rarely Done Well.

Business newsletters are easy to do badly. When done well, on the other hand, a business-to-business email newsletter can be a great way to warm up a cold mailing list while maintaining a steady trickle-type contact with hundreds or thousands of customers and prospects. Done poorly, you’re just cranking out more email traffic that no one is going to read. So how do you make your newsletter shine?

We write several successful newsletters on a regular basis for our clients, and they all start out with some basic questions. How many are you asking?
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